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The Arizona Sky Village (ASV) was set up to provide astronomers with access to clear, dark skies where they can enjoy and share their hobby with like-minded people. Its location was chosen carefully by Jack Newton, the leading astrophotographer, with astronomy in mind but it also happens to be one of the premiere bird-watching locations in North America and is at the mouth of Cave Creek Canyon in the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains. 

Green Witch has our very own house (see below) at the ASV which we rent out to astronomy and nature enthusiasts...

........and look at that sky! The glow to the left of the Milky Way is not light pollution but Zodiacal Light.

We have several telescopes for your own use during your stay, but of course you are welcome to bring your own instruments and take advantage of the very dark skies there.

You can find out more about our house at the ASV see HERE

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